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The Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group is a private and public partnership. Our mission is to promote collaborative efforts in developing needed operations for plantings that comply with the principles of economic viability, ecological soundness, and social acceptance. A major activity is information sharing about the efficient development of practices and equipment to culture, harvest and handle large-scale woody biomass plantings. Biennial meetings highlight recent research results and tour SRWC planting and harvesting activity.

Activities are currently supported by membership dues, administrative supporters (NCASI, WrightLink Consulting, The Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems - IBSS), and sustaining sponsors (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Southeastern Sun Grant Initiative and The University of Tennessee Center for Renewable Carbon, ArborGen, and GreenWood Resources).

Poplars at Age 1 in AHB research trials


Available presentations & posters are online:  see Conference Reports tab.

Thanks to WSU and GreenWood Resources hosts for an excellent July 2014 tour and meeting!! 

International Poplar Symposium VI   Vancouver BC July 20-23, 2014   presentations can be found at http://www.poplar.ca/


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